Stickler (1997-1999) followed on the heels of the Sneakies, with Russ and I having enjoyed our brief collaboration enough to forge ahead with a new band featuring Brian Lovro on bass.  Stickler kept the fun and simple rock vibe going, but branched out a bit more from the rut worn by the Sneakies.  The diversity in the songs this time wasn't just the product of having two main writers.  Stickler had more of an 'anything goes' attitude -- as long as we liked a song, it didn't matter whether it fit our style because our style was anything we liked.  This usually results in the band having a lot of fun, and the audience being really confused.  We played bar shows and all-age shows and were not a huge hit anywhere.  Like the Sneakies, we were too rock for the young punk kids and too punk for the old rockers, but now we were also hard to pigeonhole.  If you have to hear five or six different songs to really get a feel for what the band is about, then a lot of people just aren't going to get it.  Still, we had fun, and got to open for Mike Watt.

Stickler recorded on analog 8-track, and released a four-song 7" e.p. on Hellbent for Lather Records in 1998, and a full-length CD the following year.  These songs are archived on Russ' page. 

Everybody's Punk Rock Now
7" e.p., 1998
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Fast, mid-tempo, and slow rock, alt-rock, pop-punk, and punk rock songs about the music scene, neo-fascists, and mostly-fictitious girls.

Lineup: Bill - drums/vocals, Russ -  guitar/vocals, Brian - bass. 

"Everybody's buying vegan tofu cheese - everyone's got patches safety-pinned to their jeans - everybody's got a painted backpack now” 

All About the Washingtons
Full-length CD, 1999
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Big loud rock, punk rock, and some quirky pop songs.

Lineup: Bill - drums/vocals, Russ - guitar/vocals, Brian - bass. 

“Let's break all the rules - let's pretend we're cool - and we'd have everybody fooled 'cause they don't know the difference anyway” 

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