the Sneakies

The Sneakies (1994-1997) formed a few months after the demise of Puppet Show.  The original members were Jess (guitar), Matt (bass), and me (drums & vocals).  The first recording was a short cassette demo, creatively titled "the Sneakies demo", which covered the familiar punk rock and pop-punk territory.  As we continued writing new material, an undercurrent of older rock and proto-punk influences became more and more an overtone.  For many reasons, shows were great fun with this band.  Jess could play real rock-n-roll leads, and played them differently every time when he wanted.  Matt's showmanship and stage 'antics' quickly earned him the nickname "Sideshow".  We were playing both bar shows and all-ages shows, and getting some positive response in both settings.  I always felt we were limited by being a little too much for the bar crowd and not quite punk enough for the hardcore kids, but there were enough people who liked what we were doing that shows were always fun.

With songs coming together quickly, we recorded a full-length CD (self-titled) in the spring of 1995 and booked a two-week late-summer mini-tour that took us on a rambling trip though Rapid City SD, Tulsa OK, Kansas City MO, Sioux City IA, Fargo ND, Minot ND, Green Bay WI, and Robinson IL.  A canceled Milwaukee date resulted in us driving home early before heading back out to the last show in Minnesota.  Many of these shows earned us barely enough to cover a meal, much less gas, but it was still a great time.

Back home, we added Paul as a second guitarist to beef up the sound a little, and finished another full-length recording ("Girls Go To Jupiter").  Paul's rhythm guitar and harmonized backing vocals added much to the Sneakies' sound, but our road gigs were becoming too frequent for his work situation and he bowed out to be replaced by Russ Stedman, just as Russ' band Ten Center was folding.

Featured on the final full-length recording ("Garlic In My Lemonade") which he also engineered, Russ was a powerhouse addition to the band.  We now had two songwriters, two lead guitar players, and two lead vocalists.  The end came somewhat suddenly and unexpectedly, mostly due to Jess having to move back to Huron and then deciding to quit the band and play the blues instead.  The Sneakies had run its course.  It was fun while it lasted.

Cassette Demo, 1994

Line-up:  Bill on drums & vocals, Jess on guitar, Matt on bass.

"You're not my representative, you're not a thing like me -- I don't remember voting for a psychopath, I've got a pretty good memory"

the Sneakies
full-length CD, 1995

Line-up:  Bill on drums & vocals, Jess on guitar, Matt on bass.

"She makes me smile like a terrorist -- she makes me burn like a flag -- she keeps me so full of emptiness --  she hates me, man what a drag"

Girls Go To Jupiter
full-length, 1996

Line-up:  Bill on drums & vocals, Jess on lead guitar, Paul on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Matt on bass.

"Girls go to Jupiter, they're gettin' stupider, that's why the boys are goin' to Mars"

Garlic In My Lemonade
full-length, 1997

Line-up:  Bill on drums & vocals, Russ on guitar and vocals, Jess on guitar, Matt on bass. 

" You think you're cute in your society suit as all the vicars they be preachin' to you -- I'd ask for garlic in my lemonade, baby, but I know that you ain't got a clue"

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