Puppet Show

Puppet Show (1991-1994) began as a side project for me while Face of Decline was still going.  I'd been writing a lot of songs that FOD collectively agreed weren't right for our style, so a secondary outlet was a natural outcome.  Sticking with the same three-piece instrumentation that had been working for FOD, Puppet Show launched with me on drums/vocals, Rosser on bass, and Jeff on guitar.  The first demo was done pretty quickly since there was a backlog of unused songs ready to go.  Much of the early material was fast-tempo pop punk, but we soon expanded our scope into other areas of alt-rock, pop, and progressive weirdoism.  Where Face of Decline tended to be either my songs or Paul's songs, a larger share of Puppet Show's material was written more collaboratively.

We recorded three demos, the first two in the familiar four-track method, and the third by actually playing live through a mixing board onto two-track stereo and then adding lead and backing vocals to the remaining tracks.  After the second demo, Nate became our drummer and I finally got a chance to be a guitarist instead.  However, I didn't relish being a front-man or trying to play guitar while singing (drums were much easier).  We tried a couple of singers who each learned a few songs, but none ever played a complete set with us, and this idea never panned out.

Puppet Show played a handful of local shows, and one in Mankato MN, never garnering any great deal of attention or enthusiasm, but a few people enjoyed us a lot and we had a blast.

It's A Start
cassette demo, 1991

Pop-punk / noisy alt-rock.

Lineup: Bill on drums/vocals, Jeff on guitar, Rosser on bass.

And I think I'm going out of my head -- my puppet strings just pop, I fall apart”

Prosecutors Will Be Violated
cassette demo, 1992

Pop-punk / noisy alt-rock.

Lineup: Bill on drums/vocals, Jeff on guitar, Rosser on bass.

Yeah, your boyfriend's a jerk, and I wish I could sneak in your heart when his back's turned”

Darwin Would Have Wept
cassette demo, 1993

Alt-rock / prog-punk

Lineup: Nate on drums, Jeff on guitar, Rosser on bass, Bill on guitar & vocals.

You know, it's strange...when I was only thinking, no one was afraid -- my spoken thoughts betrayed”

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