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NineLegLuke was the name I picked for a solo recording project begun in 1998.  I recorded some demos but never finished all of them or released any of them, and took a long break from music.  In 2009, I started re-recording a couple of old songs and then begin writing new material.  "Last Year's Model" featured two re-done old songs and eleven new ones.  The "Re-Animated!" series (volume 1 and 2) will bring all of the lost unreleased songs back to life.

Last Year's Model
full-length, 2012

A multi-styled songwriting smorgasbord of 13 retro-modern alt-pop tunes.  My first experiment with recording via modern technology in the post four-track era, and my first new material in several years, this collection took three years to finish.  Nevertheless, I'm pleased with the result.

Re-Animated! vol 1
full-length, 2012

A collection of previously unreleased songs and unfinished demos from 1993-2005, all re-recorded during summer 2012.
 Volume 1 is primarily pop-punk with a couple of exceptions.

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